The best way to have fun on a river ! 

Combining the best of canoeing and rafting for maximum fun. Sports rafts are stable, safe and surprisingly responsive.

Trips run on the Yarra, Mitchell and Snowy Rivers.

Minimum 4 people needed for a sports rafting trip to run, ideal for 14 year olds and up.

Yarra River – Black Water Rafting

The Yarra river flows through beautiful native bushland east of Melbourne. The trip starts with some skills development as we head downstream and run some rapids. After a lunch break at Warrandyte as your skills develop and your desire for adrenaline builds, (depending on safe water levels) the trip culminates with a black water sports rafting experience through a pitch black tunnel. With one last surprise as your spat out into the blinding light.

PRICE: $165   

DURATION: 6 Hours   

LOCATION: Warrandyte

Mitchell River

The Mitchell River is an absolute gem, the river and surrounding National park harbour some fantastic rapids, warm temperate rainforest and great camp sites only accessible from the river.
The first day we pack our boats do some skills as we head down stream then straight into the second biggest rapid of the river. Lots of smiles and a couple hours later we set up camp, sit round a fire and enjoy a good meal.
Day two sees us spending a full day on the river, running lots of rapids and paddling serenely along the flat pools. Absorbing the beauty of the river and the excitement of the Rapids. Among the many highlights of the day are the notorious amphitheatre rapid and the destroyed old dam wall.

Schedule your own tour with groups of 4 or more!

PRICE: $400   

DURATION: 2 Days   

LOCATION: Mitchell River

Snowy River

The Mighty Snowy River.

A true wilderness trip. Typically run over 5 days through stunning East Gippsland bush that is seldom visited by humans. Beautiful riverside camping, great rapids, warm water a must do for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Schedule your own tour with groups of 4 or more!

PRICE: Contact for group pricing   

DURATION: 5 Days   

LOCATION: Snowy River

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